Appalachian Community Capital

Small Business Lenders on a Mission

Appalachian Community Capital was created to increase business lending in Appalachia by providing community loan funds with a new source of capital through the creation of a wholesale capital intermediary.  

 ACC uses this new capital to make loans to high performing development lenders and also purchase participations in loans made by these local lenders. 

ACC's impact goals are to increase access to capital and provide a greater opportunity for the formation and expansion of entrepreneurial enterprises that create high quality jobs, retain local wealth, and ultimately improve the quality of life in Appalachia.  


Peter Drucker --"Results are obtained by exploiting opportunities, not by solving problems." 


Appalachian Community Capital – a collaboration launched in 2013—provides a model solution.  Making this happen, required just $3,250,000  in Appalachian Region Commission (ARC) seed money—funds made possible through the leadership of Earl Gohl, ARC Federal Co-Chair.  The ARC funds will leverage $42 Million in private sector capital.